What is Tour with Locals?

Tour With Locals was born out of a passion for travel in New Zealand. By connecting travellers from across New Zealand to across the globe with guided tours by local experts, these private and personal tours offer a unique experience to independent travelling, giving you a one of a kind opportunity to experience a new city or place through a local’s eyes.

We know that travelling can be stressful, and sometimes, as an independent traveller, an isolating experience. That’s why we’ve created this user-friendly platform in order to connect both travelers and local guides, share travel tips, and impart insider knowledge and experiences about the best places New Zealand has to offer.

So, how does it work?

The best thing about Tour With Locals is that it can be tailored entirely to your wants, needs, and desires. Are you after a one hour walking tour of the main attractions to fit around your pre-planned schedule? Not a problem. Perhaps you’d like a half-day tour of the best coffee and food places in town. There’s a local guide for that!

With a mixture of professional New Zealand tour guides as well as enthusiastic locals who want to share their culture and knowledge with you, this platform allows you to match your interests with those of the local guides on our website.

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Simply scroll through the different biographies on this platform and have a read of what our local guides in your area have to offer. Some have been tour guides for years and have a breadth of knowledge covering all locations of their city, while others are more passionate about certain local aspects, offering niche unique experiences with a twist. Once you’ve decided what local guide and experience you’re interested in, simply request a tour, and our local guide will be in contact with you shortly to confirm. It’s as simple as that!

Start your adventure with Tour With Locals with a private and personal guided tour by a local expert. Experience a new city like a local and connect with people who pride themselves on sharing their knowledge and culture with travellers like you. 

What are you waiting for? 

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Start your adventure in New Zealand with Tour with Locals

You can “book a tour” with one of our friendly locals for a fraction of the price – someone who knows the city inside out, has first-hand experience of what it has to offer, and knows single-handedly all of the best places to eat and drink. 

Not only are you meeting a local that can show you around the best places that city has to offer, but you are also experiencing the people and culture at an organic level.

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