Human beings are hardwired for connection.

Without realising it, authentic connections are a core psychological need, embedded in our biology and evolutionary history. Natural selection favoured people who were able to successfully care for their offspring and effectively organise into groups.

In our fast-paced, tech-driven lives, it can be easy to forget that while the world may have changed vastly around us, our core needs to be seen, heard, and form authentic connections with others is still there, hidden amongst the busyness of our 21st century lives. While technology allows us to connect in ways that were previously never even dreamed of, tangible, visceral connections with those around us have fallen to the wayside.

That feeling can be exacerbated when travelling; especially when travelling alone. Here at Tour With Locals, we know and understand the importance of authentic connections between people,especially when travelling in a new place.

That’s why we’ve created this platform. To try and dissolve the disconnect between people, and create real, authentic connections and experiences between people who may otherwise never have met.

Come and join us and see the power of connection for yourself.